WELCOME TO PET PASTURE! ___________ The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever Isaiah 40:8

FAQ's / Helpful Tips

How does Pet Pasture work?

  •  Simply put Pet Pasture wherever you would like your dog to “go” (we recommend a balcony/patio).
  • Make sure and pick up any solid waste (Flushing in the toilet is better than a plastic bag.)
  • Urine is absorbed in the soil.
  • Discard the grass and recycle the cardboard box every 1-4 weeks (depending on use).

What size dog can use Pet Pasture?

  • Pet pasture is 16” x 25” and can accommodate a small dog up to approximately 25 lbs. If you have a larger dog, you can join two Pet Pastures together to create a larger grass area.

How often should I replace Pet Pasture?

  • It depends on how often your dog uses Pet Pasture, but we recommend a weekly or every-two week subscription so that your dog will always have a fresh elimination area.

Is the grass treated?

  • The grass is generally grown to be put into lawns & gardens, and so for this reason it is treated from time to time with certain sprays to inhibit insects and weeds. However, you can still find earthworms in the soil, and the odd bug. 

Is it better than synthetic grass?

  • Yes! Dogs are naturally attracted to REAL grass. There is very little mess or maintenance with Pet Pasture. Artificial grass needs regular cleaning and disinfecting to kill built up bacteria and is not environmentally friendly to produce or dispose of. Pet Pasture is a better choice for your dog and the environment.

How do I care for my Pet Pasture grass?

  • You may lightly water the grass  every 1-2 days to keep it fresh. Also, lightly spray the area where your dog has peed, to dilute the urine.  If you keep Pet Pasture on a balcony/patio we suggest protecting it from excess rain and/or direct sun.   If you place Pet Pasture inside, you may want to place an extra barrier (such as the lid of the box, or a plastic tray) underneath as to protect against any unforeseen leakage. 

Will my dog like Pet Pasture?

  • Dogs are naturally attracted to the smell and feel of REAL grass, so there is usually very little training involved in using Pet Pasture. Some dogs may require some coaxing and positive reinforcement when learning to use Pet Pasture.  Use treats to associate a positive experience, and shortly your dog will love having their own doggie bathroom at their disposal. If you are having problems with your dog using Pet Pasture, contact us and we can help!

Can I put it in a yard/food waste bin?

  • This is not recommended because most municipalities don't accept the soil content and soiled grass. However it can go into the regular garbage to naturally decompose at the landfill. A better option than non-biodegradable pee pads or synthetic grass products.

Can I recycle the cardboard box?

  • Yes! This is just one of the great advantages of Pet Pasture.  You can and should recycle the cardboard box with other paper products. Just remove the used grass (throw into regular garbage), and recycle the box.

Where do you deliver?

  • Currently we can accommodate home deliveries in Vancouver and Burnaby areas.  If you live outside of these areas, please check our pick up locations for our customer pickup options.

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